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Urban Sky Launches 2024 Urban Catalog & Custom Tasking With Premier Partner SkyWatch

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2024 / SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. ("SkyWatch"), a leader in the remote sensing data technology industry, and Urban Sky, a leading provider of broad area, high-resolution aerial imagery, announced today the launch of Urban Sky's 2024 Urban Catalog and Custom Tasking program in partnership with SkyWatch. Urban Sky's very high-resolution stratospheric balloon imagery is now available to SkyWatch customers, marking the first fully integrated non-satellite imagery source on the platform.

Urban Sky 10cm Aerial Image.

Urban Sky's archive of 10cm very high-resolution imagery, captured over select U.S. metropolitan areas, provides customers with crisp images, ideal for visual inspection and richer analysis in applications like infrastructure monitoring in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), Mining, Energy, and Utilities.

Starting in April 2024, Urban Sky will launch quarterly image captures over key metro areas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Lubbock, Amarillo, Denver, Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson, Fresno, Las Vegas, and Reno. These images will be added to the Urban Sky archive, available via SkyWatch, starting at $17.50/km2.

SkyWatch customers will also be able to request on-demand tasking for minimum areas of 250km2, at a preferred rate of $35/km2.

"We're thrilled about launching our 2024 imagery offerings in collaboration with SkyWatch," says Andrew Antonio, Co-Founder and CEO at Urban Sky. "The SkyWatch platform is an easy-to-use, feature-rich system that offers Urban Sky unprecedented access to a new and diverse set of imagery customers. We're excited to grow together as we jointly look to democratize access to more and better remote sensing data than ever before."

SkyWatch's partnership with Urban Sky enriches the company's extensive roster of partners and data products, and provides customers with a source of low-cost, very high-resolution data, for applications such as urban planning and monitoring, disaster response, and monitoring of remote areas and distributed assets.

"SkyWatch's vision is to enable new solutions that harness the power of sensors to better our world," says David Proulx, Chief Product Officer at SkyWatch. "This partnership enables our customers, and the market as a whole, to integrate novel datasets, outside of satellite imagery, into their business processes and solutions. We're honored to be selected a Premier Partner by Urban Sky, and we're thrilled that we can now offer best-in-class, stratospheric imagery to our customers."

Urban Sky's very high-resolution aerial archive is now available via the SkyWatch platform.

About SkyWatch

SkyWatch, a space data technology company, is changing the way Earth observation and remote sensing data is managed, distributed, and accessed. We've created the first geospatial platform to support the full remote sensing value chain, from data management and distribution for remote sensing data providers, to solutions to help organizations easily source, integrate, and manage remote sensing data.

SkyWatch partners with a diverse group of data providers and organizations to streamline workflows and supply data and insights to remote sensing operators, geospatial experts, and leading organizations looking to incorporate the power of remote sensing data into their business processes.

About Urban Sky

Urban Sky's novel invention, the high-altitude Microballoon™, leverages advances in component miniaturization and first-of-its-kind material re-usability to drastically reduce the cost of high-resolution remote sensing over broad, targeted areas, leading to more impactful data over more areas than ever before.

Remote sensing from the stratosphere combines many of the benefits of both space-based assets and lower altitude airborne vehicles. That means remote sensing data can be collected from the Stratosphere over vast areas, with aerial quality-resolution at the lowest possible cost. This unique combination of advantages will finally unlock the full commercial usefulness of the Stratosphere.

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