ENERTIME (FR0011915339 – ALENE), a French company specializing in "CleanTech" technology for industrial energy efficiency and geothermal or biomass energy production, is proud to be featured in the prestigious "The Innovation Leaders" ranking, placing 5th out of 200 companies overall and 1st in the energy sector.

This ranking, launched by “Les Echos” in partnership with Statista, aims to highlight French companies that excel in innovation and best practices.

Gilles David, CEO of ENERTIME, affirms: "Being in the TOP 5 of Innovation Leaders in France is a great source of pride for all ENERTIME employees, past and present, who have developed over the past fifteen years, a unique proprietary technology in high-power turbomachinery and thermodynamic machines essential for the energy transition. This success is due not only to our teams but also to our shareholders who have supported us and to our clients who took the risk of trusting a young independent SME."

Innovation Rooted in French Scientific Excellence

ENERTIME's technologies, based on thermodynamics combined with rotating machinery design, exploit a science born in France 200 years ago that is essential to the energy transition. They offer decarbonized and decentralized solutions as an alternative to centralized production solutions.

Tailored Solutions for Industrial Needs

ENERTIME provides customized systems for industrial clients, developing a unique ability to understand and address their issues, which fosters continuous and sustainable innovation.

Strategic Vision Coupled with Innovation

With full ownership of its intellectual property and patents, ENERTIME can deploy its technologies, developed on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) machines, in other fields. These capabilities are a significant asset for developing high-temperature, high-power heat pumps (HTHP). The natural gas expansion turbine installed for GRTgaz in Villiers-le-Bel and the partnership with STOLECT illustrate other successful applications of these technologies.

Inherently Competitive Technologies

A high-power ORC (typically 2 to 3 MW) for waste heat recovery is a very competitive solution with a typical LCOE[1] of €62/MWhe. A high temperature heat pump producing steam, reduces the CO2 emissions of steam production by a factor of ten in France and is 2 to 3 times more efficient than an electric boiler. It also avoids pollutant emissions associated with biomass or RDF[2] combustion. ENERTIME has developed these complex technologies without decarbonization subsidies, which were nonexistent before 2021, and plans to build 10 new machines in two years, in addition to the 12 commissioned between 2012 and 2023.

Strong International Ambition

To become competitive, decarbonization technologies must target a global market. ENERTIME has always aimed to develop relevant international solutions to compensate for a domestic market that take time to open. This strategy has led to successes on three continents and exports to eleven countries. ENERTIME expects most of its revenue to come from exports by 2030. In May 2024, ENERTIME was labeled an Efficient Solution for its ORC modules by the Solar Impulse Foundation and joined this global alliance.


Created in 2008, ENERTIME designs, develops, and implements Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) machines, gaz expansion turbines and high temperature heat pumps for industrial energy efficiency and decentralized production of renewable energy. ORC machines convert heat into electricity. Heat pumps use low-temperature heat to produce high-temperature heat.

ENERTIME is the only player offering ORC machines and a portfolio of technology in the field of thermodynamics for the energy transition. For ORC technology, it is one of the four main global players and the only French one fully mastering this technology of high-power machines (1 MW and more). The Company is qualified as an "innovative company" by BPIfrance and is recognized as a French "Creative Industry".

ENERGIE CIRCULAIRE, the ESCO subsidiary of ENERTIME is offering the company's technology as a service.

ENERTIME is listed on the Euronext Growth market (ISIN: FR0011915339 - ticker: ALENE).

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Carole COULOMB – Corporate Affairs Manager
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[1] Levelized Cost Of Energy

[2] Refused-Derived Fuel

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