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Revolutionary "Neuro-Skeletal Geometry" Methodology Promises a Drug-Free, Painless Approach to Treating a Range of Psychological and Physical Ailments

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2023 / A groundbreaking methodology, "Neuro-Skeletal Geometry" (NSG), developed by Dr. Francis X. Murphy, is transforming the way healthcare professionals approach a wide range of psychological and physical disorders. This innovative technique emphasizes the vital interconnection between the skeletal system's configurations and the nervous system's natural function. Detailed insights into NSG are available at

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NSG divides the skeletal system into upper and lower configurations, assigning specific priorities to each, guiding practitioners towards targeted action. It incorporates physical, psychological, energetic, and nutritional elements, offering a comprehensive approach to health and well-being.

Clinical data reveals NSG's remarkable impact on a spectrum of conditions, including anxiety, sleep deprivation, restlessness, impulsive behavior, vocal and motor tics, poor attention span, hyperactivity, repetitive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, numbness, loss of balance, memory loss, and depression. This analysis is backed by complex scientific principles, yet its implementation is elegant, painless, and drug-free.

Dr. Murphy's pioneering work has garnered attention and intrigue from the fields of physical medicine, neurology, and psychology. He insists that the key lies in the energetic work, restoring the body's frequency and energy field, often resulting in immediate bodily impacts.

Quote from Dr. Francis X. Murphy: "The essence of Neuro-Skeletal Geometry is in its simplicity and its focus on the body's natural energy. We're not just treating symptoms; we're addressing the root causes in a holistic, non-invasive way. The results we've seen are not just surprising; they're a testament to the power of this methodology."

NSG's success is not just in its results but in its approach, challenging traditional medical treatments and offering a new perspective on health and wellness. Dr. Murphy's work continues to captivate the medical community, promising a new era in the treatment of complex psychological and physical disorders.

Watch this incredible testimonial of one of Dr. Murphy's patients.

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