THEMATIC Thematic, a Leader in AI-Driven Analytics, Embraces New Look, Cementing Its Rise in Feedback Management

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07/06/2023 20:45

Thematic is proud to announce a refreshing of its brand image as a leader in global customer feedback analytics.

COVINA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2023 / As a unique AI-powered platform for analyzing customer feedback, Thematic has led the way in delivering advanced NLP and quantitative analytics for its customers. Now, those clients have inspired a new logo and color transformation.

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"This year, we decided it was time to refresh the visual brand to reflect Thematic now," Alana Dell, Head of Marketing, said. "Our customers were our biggest inspiration for the colors." Thematic's latest look is being rolled out on its website and globally, with further changes to the product's look and feel in the coming months.

When Thematic was first launched in 2017 by Alyona Medelyan and Nathan Holmberg, Alyona designed the initial logo in PowerPoint before being tweaked by a designer friend as a favor. At the time, Alyona and her team were focused on connecting with customers and building a feedback analytics solution to match their needs. The original logo was designed to convey trust, expertise, and the NLP outputs of tagged themes.

"We needed a visual brand that reflects our forward-thinking approach to feedback analytics, the customers we serve, and our cutting-edge technology," Dell said.

The goal of the brand refresh will help Thematic stand out with industry leaders and show the company's innovative spirit and the insights it provides to customers.

"We realised our original colors did not align with our visual style," Dell said. "By adding a deep purple hue and subtle blue undertone, we ended up with a sense of richness, depth, and stability into the design that draws the viewer's eye."

A sans-serif font was chosen for the word and logo mark because its clean lines and edges invoke a sense of simplicity while retaining personality and approachability without appearing overly sterile.

"There is a sense of harmony in our logo," Dell said. "We want our logo to reflect the product experience, where customers harness feedback data to find fresh, actionable insights that withstand validation."

"The serif typeface reflects a more conversational tone and approachable nature now with a straightforward and legible font," Dell added. "The geometric characteristics of the fonts complement the logo's design to form a cohesive and unified visual style."

With the refreshing of the brand, Thematic aims to stand out by being relevant to the innovative industry leaders it serves and by the premium quality of data-led insights it delivers.

"We are differentiated from our competitors by the use of the best AI models in one tool and the deep expertise in using AI to deliver trusted, accurate insights from feedback," CEO Alyona Medelyan said. "Unlike traditional AI solutions that need customers to set up taxonomies in advance, Thematic AI builds insights directly from the dataset."

Today, Thematic is a leader in feedback management and analytics, driving the success of some of the top companies in the world. Its platform empowers thousands of people to unlock the true value of feedback delivering advanced NLP and quantitative analytics for customers.

"This evolution is more than just a coat of new paint: it signifies our dedication to innovation, providing the best possible insights, and exceptional service," Medelyan said.

Thematic has invested significant R&D in language models, a premium user experience, enhanced data workflows, and new features to help customers make smarter product and service decisions, faster. To learn more about what Thematic can do for your business, please visit getthematic.com.

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Thematic is an AI-powered platform that analyzes feedback to help companies improve their products and services. The software takes tons of data from surveys, reviews, and chat messages, and turns it into insights. Leading companies like Atlassian, DoorDash, and LendingTree trust Thematic to discover what matters.

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