THEMATIC Thematic's Leading AI-Driven Platform Incorporates Generative AI, Embracing Large Language Models for Customer Feedback Analysis

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30/05/2023 13:00

Global feedback analytics leader levels up its own proprietary AI algorithm with the latest large language models to deliver the most thorough, transparent customer feedback insights for clients.

COVINA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 30, 2023 / Thematic, a unique AI-powered platform for analyzing customer feedback, announces Generative AI integration, expanding their analytics toolkit to incorporate large language models that offer more thorough and transparent insights.

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Founded in 2017, Thematic employs its proprietary AI algorithm to evaluate customer feedback analysis collected through sources such as customer satisfaction surveys, reviews, social media, and contact center logs. By aggregating insights from these sources in one place, clients can perceive the needs of their customers, without the need for training a language model or manual coding, in order to make informed decisions based on insights to improve products and customer experiences.

Thematic is the brainchild of co-founders Alyona Medelyan and Nathan Holmberg, both experts in computer science, big data and business. Medelyan, CEO of Thematic, holds a doctorate in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, and her peer-reviewed research articles have been cited by more than 3,000 academics.

Holmberg, Thematic's Chief Technical Officer, was VP of Engineering at Entopix and Chief Architect and Lead Developer at Serato Inc. He has a degree in computer science and international business and as a developer and software engineer focused on computer graphics, interprocess communications and live-performance entertainment software, specializing in concurrency and real-time performance considerations.

The idea of Thematic came out of Medelyan's work in NLP consulting. Three companies recruited her for help with the same problem: understanding what drove their NPS performance. Medelyan collaborated with the companies to develop an NLP algorithm that harnessed unstructured customer feedback from surveys, analyzed the textual data, identified themes and tied them to metrics to explain what drove the responses.

Thematic now incorporates Generative AI, and their first feature using this technology, Theme Summarizer, can provide an instant understanding of any theme in a client's customer data. Advances in Generative AI using large language models (LLMs) allow Thematic to create easy-to-read summaries of each theme.

"Thematic has the unique ability to distill the common themes hidden in the ocean of text coming through the many, many avenues where customers give their opinions of products and services," Medelyan said. "Simply put, we help our clients understand their users, save time, improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, and make the right product decisions."

The Thematic platform provides visualizations and reports that help inform product roadmaps and clearly show trends in customer feedback. Insights and product teams use Thematic to understand feedback at scale, work more efficiently and make the right product decisions.

"What our customers need is not just a summary but trusted analysis that they can trace to the context," Medelyan said. "Rather than simply adding LLMs, we have embedded them in our platform, still giving customers the ability to trace analysis to its source and edit themes. This ensures that customers continue to get a trusted, accurate analysis. Just 1000x faster, and with readable summaries."

Thematic developed a system to leverage its proprietary AI to create guardrails for LLMs, to guarantee a summary that is thorough, readable, accurate, and provides quick snapshots of volume, sentiment, and trends for the selected theme. Relevant examples contribute further context and reporting purposes.

"Our clients often ask, 'What does this theme mean?' or 'What specifically do people say?' when reviewing analyzed customer feedback. They want to understand the heart of the feedback without reading all the comments," Medelyan said. "LLMs have the power to provide that insight, but as we know, they also can generate inaccurate responses as well. And accuracy in insights is essential to your business."

This adds more capability to a platform that is already delivering powerful results for customers and incorporates an LLM that is grounded in Thematic's analyzed data. "What makes it amazing is that it has a human-like ability to understand language and develop reasoning," Medelyan said. "Thematic allows your product, operations, and insights teams to be aligned on priorities and issues to fix."

A new Forrester Total Economic Impact Study showed Thematic delivered a 543% return on investment by helping companies deliver incremental profits.

To learn more about what Thematic can do for your business, please visit getthematic.com.

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Thematic is a powerful feedback analytics software platform that helps companies make sense of customer feedback at scale. The platform analyzes unstructured feedback data from a wide range of sources, including surveys, reviews, chat logs, and support tickets. Powered by cutting-edge AI, the analytics model transforms this data into insights so that companies can eliminate customer pain points and identify opportunities.

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