TUITION COIN Tuition Coin Incentives Global Educational Content With Cardano Technology

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24/11/2022 18:31

Tuition Coin
Tuition Coin Incentives Global Educational Content With Cardano Technology

24-Nov-2022 / 18:31 CET/CEST

Tuition Coin Incentives Global Educational Content With Cardano Technology


Tuition Coin aims to enhance the appeal of the Cardano ecosystem through its Teach to Earn nature. The venture will streamline participation in educational technology, benefiting students and teachers alike.

Tuition Coin is created by the Crystal Chain team and brings Teach to Earn to the Cardano blockchain. Teachers can tap into a new ecosystem free from being underpaid and overworked. Instead, they can explore cryptocurrency rewards by contributing to the global educational space.

Any teacher globally can become part of the Tuition Coin initiative. All they need to do is register on the Coins for College platform and verify their identity through a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process.

Following the approval, they can begin creating educational content and earn cryptocurrency rewards by sharing knowledge. In addition, existing online content and lessons can be incorporated to build Tuition Coin’s open information sphere.

All content provided through the Coins for College platform is accessible free of charge to students. That positions Tuition Coin as a leading initiative to promote equality to high-quality educational resources and materials. It is a much-needed solution to the educational gaps that remain in place today.

Furthermore, students who complete lessons and tasks will earn Scholarship Points, allowing their overall progress to be measured through a streamlined system. Although the SAT system exists already, its influence is waning, and a new global standard for education is in high demand.

Tuition Coin has a maximum supply of 100 billion TUIT coins. Sixty percent is reserved for educators and can only be earned through contributions to the Coins for College platform. Teachers receive identical incentives for content regardless of whether it is newly created or imported existing material. However, all content must meet the 1EdTech standards to ensure it is suitable for remote learning.

With TUIT, teachers can supplement their income and give more students global access to educational resources. In addition, all content on the platform can be shared freely as it will meet age-appropriate guidelines based on the student’s country’s educational requirements.

About Tuition Coin

Tuition Coin is the cryptocurrency that powers the Coins For College platform. Created by Crystal Chain, Tuition Coin forms a key part of the reward mechanism for teachers creating content and lesson plans.

Students can access the content for free using the Coins For College platform and will be awarded Scholarship Points upon completing modules and assessments. These Scholarship Points will serve as a measurement tool to identify promising and deserving students who desire to pursue further education, but may lack the financial resources to do so.

Visit the Tuition Coin website to learn more about how you as an educator can get involved in shaping the future of generations to come. Join the community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates within the TUIT and Coins For College ecosystem

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