THERMADOR GROUPE (EPA:THEP) - CM CIC market solutions sold 5.6% of Thermador Groupe's capital in two hours

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09/10/2019 08:49
CM-CIC Market Solutions (an entity of Crédit Industriel et Commercial) was mandated by Financière Borde* to sell 511,852 Thermador Groupe shares, i.e. it’s entire stake. The transaction took place last night, after the closing of Euronext Paris, through an Accelerated Book Building procedure (Private Placement) that ended at around 8pm, when the book had been fully covered. *Financière Borde was incorporated in 2008 by the three children of Jacques Borde (co-founder of Thermador), following his sudden death. Since then, it has been a reference shareholder of Thermador Groupe. Two of Jacques Borde's children decided to remain shareholders, as individual investors, at the end of this operation.

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