SOLOCAL (EPA:LOCAL) - Acquisition of Solocal shares by Pierre Danon, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, as part of the rights issue completed on 2nd October 2020

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16/10/2020 18:35

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Boulogne-Billancourt, 16th October 2020

    Acquisition of Solocal shares by Pierre Danon, Chairman of the Board of
Directors and Chief Executive Officer, as part of the rights issue completed on
                              2nd October 2020

In the context of the capital increase with preferential subscription rights
completed on 2nd October 2020, Pierre Danon, Chairman of Solocal's Board of
Directors and Chief Executive Officer, acquired 11,171,436 shares(1) of
Solocal's capital, bringing his total stake in Solocal to 12,682,192 shares,
after allocation of 755,378 free shares as part of the transaction.

(1) 10,667,322 shares were acquired through Cordial Investments and Consulting
Limited, a corporation related to Pierre Danon, and 504,114 shares were
directly acquired by Pierre Danon.

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We are the local digital partner for companies. Our job: advising and
supporting them to boost their activity thanks to our digital services (Digital
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etc.). We provide professionals and the public with our high audience services,
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coverage across France, our privileged partnerships with digital companies and
our talents in terms of data, development, digital marketing, etc. We gather
335,000 companies all over France and 2.7 billion visits on our services.
Solocal moreover benefits from the "Digital Ad Trust Classique" label for its
PagesJaunes and Mappy digital services. To know more about Solocal (Euronext
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