PRODWAYS (EPA:PWG) Prodways Group develops new innovative features and achieves significant success in Poland

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13/10/2020 19:15

Paris - October 13, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. - Prodways Group, specialist in digital design and manufacturing, unveils new innovative features integrated into its range of compact - MOVINGLight® ProMaker LD Series 3D printers: Super-Resolution 3D and centrifuge post -processing.


Super-Resolution: the ultimate in 3D printing

The compact MOVINGLight® ProMaker LD Series printers provide a high native resolution of 42 µm, allowing control of the accuracy and geometry of every part produced. For the 2021 update of the range, Prodways Group is pushing the boundaries of innovation by introducing 3D Super-Resolution in its machines, a new generation of 3D algorithms allowing a significantly improved aesthetic rendering, beyond the native resolution. The printing software has thus been perfected to obtain surfaces close to the 3D model and significantly less pixelated without compromising the productivity of Prodways, which is a reference.

Installed at customers with very high production volumes, Prodways has taken up the challenge of continuing to improve the quality of parts while reducing production times. This new version is the result of two years of R&D to provide an solution that combines machine, software intelligence and treatment processes.

“Prodways Group is constantly innovating to help its customers increase their productivity and improve their results” explains Olivier Strebelle, Chief executive officer of Prodways Group. “Our 3D Super-Resolution technology combined with a major software update provides an improved surface finish while reducing manufacturing time. This technology is complemented by centrifugal post-processing, which is much more economical and environmentally friendly than isopropanol processing. This innovative duo breathes new life into this range to better serve the most demanding sectors, requiring accuracy and speed”.


Optimized post-processing to improve rendering and reduce costs

Prodways Group is also innovating in post-processing with the marketing of a new centrifuge to clean clear aligners and obtain a perfect finished product. This device also improves the recycling rate of uncured resin.


Sale of two new machines to one of the most important Polish manufacturers of orthodontic aligners

These recent innovations consolidate the strong position of MOVINGLight® technology in the dental market and more specifically in the fast-growing segment of orthodontic aligners. Initially launched in the United States, this market is also developing in Europe. Thus, the Polish company Brightalign, specialized in the manufacture of these orthodontic products, has just increased its production capacities with the simultaneous purchase of 2 MOVINGLight® ProMaker LD 20 machines after having already purchased two Prodways machines of previous generations. This order confirms the growing development of this application of 3D printing for production. This is the largest of all 3D printing technologies.



About Prodways Group

Prodways Group is a specialist in industrial and professional 3D printing with a unique positioning as an integrated European player. The Group has developed right across the 3D printing value chain (software, machines, materials, parts & services) with a high value added technological industrial solution. Prodways Group offers a wide range of 3D printing systems and premium composite, hybrid, and powder materials (SYSTEMS division). The company also manufactures and markets parts on demand, prototypes and small production run 3D printed items in plastic and metal (PRODUCTS division). The Group targets a significant number of sectors, from aeronautics to healthcare.

Listed on Euronext Paris, the Group generated revenue of €71.3 million in 2019.

Prodways Group is a Groupe Gorgé company.


For further information: www.prodways-group.com

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