OCI OCI N.V. Launches Additional Tender Offer Extension for Local Shares in Orascom Construction Industries S.A.E.

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13/11/2015 22:31

OCI N.V. (Euronext: OCI) today announced a new extension period for its tender offer to acquire the remaining 329,601 outstanding shares in Orascom Construction Industries S.A.E. (“OCI S.A.E.”) in continuation of the original offerlaunched in June 2013. OCI N.V. currently holds 99.84% of the share capital of OCI S.A.E.

All eligible shareholders of OCI S.A.E. may elect to exchange their shares into OCI N.V. shares at a one-to-one ratio, or receive a cash alternative of EGP 255 per share (the “Offer”).

As a result of the demergerof the construction business to Orascom Construction Limited (OCL) in March 2015, shareholders who elect to exchange their OCI S.A.E. shares into OCI N.V. will also receive one share in OCL for every two shares held in OCI S.A.E.

If all eligible shareholders of OCI S.A.E. elect to receive the cash alternative, the total value of the offer will be approximately EGP84 million (or approximately $10 million at current exchange rates).

The tender offer extension will be held from Sunday 15 November 2015 to Wednesday 16 December 2015.


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