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01/02/2023 15:15

The popular short form video platform returns to screens around the world.

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 1, 2023 / Live Current Media, Inc. ("Live Current" or the "Company") (OTCQB:LIVC) today announces that it has re-launched Neverthink by popular demand. The once immensely successful meme-based video platform with over 700 million views at its peak, turned off its streaming channels in 2021 before being acquired by Live Current, which operates Kast, the world's dominant watch party platform. Known around the world for its fun and engaging meme-based channels, Neverthink served 85,000 independent creators looking to share their original content with 15 million fans.

"We are excited to turn the Neverthink channels back on for millions of loyal fans and our independent creators who have been waiting patiently to get back into the game to independently curate content on our platform by us for us," said Mark Ollila, CEO of Live Current. "Integrating these new channels into our Kast watch party platform will expand our community globally while creating a new experience for our community looking for this excellent content. It's a competitive market out there, but we believe that good content leads to engagement and that leads to transactions. By bringing back Neverthink, we are delivering on this promise."

Offering a balanced mix of AI generated content creation supported and enhanced by our fully independent creators will expand the genre of short form content, making it more compelling and interesting for all viewers and independent creators, while offering the daily Kast watch party audience a broader spectrum of programming options and increasing the Company's overall value proposition.

About Live Current Media Inc.

Live Current Media Inc. has created an integrated "Exosystem" to power the independent creator. We acquire and integrate technologies that automate key processes in content and community creation, bringing together innovative businesses and technologies to provide an end-to-end resource for the hundreds of millions of creators who do not have a meaningful piece of the creator economy. Today, the Live Current Media Platform features a growing set of creative tools and community building technologies that power Video community creation, AR/VR discovery, social media amplification, personal and business brand management and sponsorship and alternative revenue creation for the global creative community. Live Current Business Solutions provide community and experiential solutions for businesses who want to become more creative in the way they reach their customers and constituents. The Live Current Exosystem helps creators manage the four key pillars of independent creativity: Creation, Amplification, Participation and Monetization. For more information, www.livecurrent.com.

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Mark Ollila, CEO & Director

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