DYNAMICS GROUP AG EQS-News: Annual General Meeting teaches the Board of Directors of Meyer Burger a lesson

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30/10/2019 15:25

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Annual General Meeting teaches the Board of Directors of Meyer Burger a lesson

30.10.2019 / 15:25


Balzers, October 30, 2019

Annual General Meeting teaches the Board of Directors of Meyer Burger a lesson

With their significant support for the election of a shareholder representative at the Extraordinary General Meeting, the shareholders of Meyer Burger have sent a signal today. The Board of Directors is now called upon to restore the confidence and confidence of the capital markets in Meyer Burger.

Despite a massive defense campaign and the use of unfair means, shareholder candidate Mark Kerekes barely missed the election. This is a clear appeal by the shareholders to the top management to finally respond to the owners' criticism.

- Meyer Burger must create transparency about its strategic intentions and ensure coherent communication between the company and all its shareholders.

- Meyer Burger must review its organization and cost structure as part of its strategic realignment.

Sentis is convinced that significant progress is needed in these two areas in order to regain the trust of the capital markets and the confidence of the shareholders. Only then will the enormous profit potential of the new strategy, exclusive partnership agreements with selected customers, be exploited.

Sentis is convinced that the new strategy can have enormous profit potential for Meyer Burger and its shareholders. Sentis will continue to accompany Meyer Burger critically and constructively in the implementation of this strategy.

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