COCA-COLA EUROPEAN Q1 Trading Update and Interim Dividend Declaration

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30/04/2019 08:00

LONDON, 30th April 2019


Trading Update for the First-Quarter ended 29 March 2019

and Interim Dividend Declaration

Good start to the year, reaffirming Full-Year 2019 Guidance

 €2,584M   549M    €4.70   4.5%   5.5%   8.5%   8.5%


"We have delivered a good start to the year, reflecting our continued focus on driving profitable revenue growth through price and mix realisation and solid in market execution. We have a market-leading position with the world's best non-alcoholic ready-to-drink brands. We believe we have an attractive and exciting investment story, as we continue to expand our total beverage portfolio while strengthening core capabilities that will drive sustainable success. The 100th and 90th birthdays of Coca-Cola in France and Germany respectively, as well as our listing on the London Stock Exchange also marked the quarter.

"Although we have had a good start to the year, the first quarter is our smallest. We are focused on building on this momentum with the key summer selling season ahead of us, albeit following a strong 2018, with some exciting innovations in the pipeline, including the launch of Coke Energy and Aquarius enhanced water. We remain confident in our annual growth objectives over the mid-term, and today we are reaffirming our full-year guidance for 2019. This, alongside declaring a dividend up almost 20%, and the continuation of our share buyback programme, collectively demonstrate our ultimate goal of delivering sustainable value for our shareholders."


• Comparable volume +4.5% reflecting solid execution, soft weather-driven comparables, partly offset by a later Easter and the impact of last year's soft drinks tax changes

• Revenue per unit case +5.5%2,4 benefiting from favourable underlying price and package mix (e.g. small cans volume up 13.5%)

• Transactions6 outpaced volume growth

• Launched light cola flavours; Honest Lemonade; Monster Espresso; Honest Tea in glass in select markets

• Declaring first-half interim dividend of €0.62, up 19% versus last year, maintaining annualised dividend payout ratio of 50%

• Returned further €234m (5.3m shares) year-to-date via share buyback of previously announced €1.5bn programme (cumulative now €734m; 17.8m shares)

• Reaffirming Full-Year 2019 guidance7

• Joined the Main Market of London Stock Exchange on 28th March 2019

1. A unit case equals approximately 5.678 litres or 24 8-ounce servings

2. Revenue per unit case and the change in revenue per unit case are Fx-Neutral

3. Adjusted for selling day shift. Reported volume growth 3.0%

4. The change in revenue per unit case, revenue and Fx-Neutral revenue includes the impact of 2019 incremental soft drinks taxes in Great Britain and France of 3.0%

5. Refer to 'Note Regarding the Presentation of Alternative Performance Measures' for further detail about these measures

6. A transaction is defined as the serving container that is ultimately used directly by the consumer. It can be a standalone container or one part of a multipack

7. Refer to page 28 of the 2018 Integrated Report (http://ir.ccep.com/financial-reports/annual-reports) or the website Guidance page (http://ir.ccep.com/financial-highlights/guidance) for more detail


Unaudited, changes versus Q1 2018

Great Britain  €530M   20.5% 18.0%   16.5%
France1  €442M   17.0% 10.0%   10.0%
Germany  €528M   20.5% 8.5%   8.5%
Iberia2  €537M   21.0% 3.5%   3.5%
Northern Europe3  €547M   21.0% 5.0%   6.0%
Total €2,584M   100.0% 8.5%   8.5%

1. France refers to continental France/Monaco

2. Iberia refers to Spain/Portugal/Andorra

3. Northern Europe refers to Belgium/Luxembourg/Netherlands/Norway/Sweden/Iceland

Great Britain

• Revenue +5.5% excluding the impact of incremental soft drinks taxes

• Solid volume growth supported by Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Diet Coke, Fanta & Schweppes, & soft weather-driven comparables

• Small cans volume +27.5% driven by Schweppes 1783 & Coca-ColaTM


• Revenue +6.0% excluding the impact of incremental soft drinks taxes

• Volume growth driven by Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Fanta, Fuze Tea & Tropico, & last year's customer dispute resolution

• Revenue/UC1 supported by recent pack changes for Coca-ColaTM & priority small packs2 volume growth +9.0%


• Strong volume growth led by the discounter channel & solid growth in Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Sprite, Monster & Vio

• Revenue/UC1 growth driven by positive price & priority small pack2 volume growth +6.5%

• Fuze Tea & Honest Tea continue to gain distribution


• Volume growth supported by soft weather-driven comparables, improving market trends & solid execution

• Volume growth led by Coke Classic, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Monster & Aquarius

• Away from Home channel adversely impacted by the timing of Easter

Northern Europe

• Driven by revenue growth in Norway (+10.0%) & Belux (+6.0%)

• Revenue/UC1 supported by priority small pack2 volume growth +5.5%

• Volume growth led by Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Fanta, Monster & Fuze Tea

1. Revenue/UC = Revenue per Unit Case

2. Priority small packs = PET & Glass < 1litre; Cans <33cl


Comparable volumes, changes versus Q1 2018

Sparkling 86.5%   4.5%
Coca-ColaTM 64.5%   3.5%
Flavours, Mixers & Energy 22.0%   7.5%
Stills 13.5%   4.0%
Hydration 8.0%   3.0%
RTD Tea, RTD Coffee, Juices & Other1 5.5%   6.0%
Total 100.0%   4.5%


• Coke Classic -1.0% with growth in Germany, Iberia & Northern Europe offset by the impact of last year's soft drinks taxes

• Coca-Cola Zero Sugar robust growth (+18.0%) in both the Home & Away From Home channels

• Diet Coke growth supported by recent flavour launches

Flavours, Mixers & Energy

• Fanta +6.0% reflecting higher distribution of Zero & flavours

• Energy +13.5% led by Germany, Iberia & France with strong performances from the Mango Loco & Ultra ranges

• Schweppes volume +12.5% with growth in both Mixers & Lemonade. Schweppes 1783 continued to grow distribution


• Strong growth from Vio in Germany (+17.0%) driven by recent launches of new Vio Bio flavours as well as Vio Water

• Smartwater volume +13.5% led by growth in Great Britain across both the Home & Away from Home channels

RTD Tea, RTD Coffee, Juices & Other 1

• Solid share gains in the RTD tea category as Fuze Tea continues to gain scale

• Honest brands saw strong growth given growing distribution gains across all markets 

1. RTD refers to Ready-To-Drink


• 30th April 2019 at 12:30 BST, 13:30 CEST and 7:30 a.m. EDT; accessible via www.ccep.com

• Replay & transcript will be available at www.ccep.com as soon as possible


• The CCEP Board of Directors declared a first-half interim dividend of €0.62 per share

• The interim dividend is payable 6 June 2019 to those shareholders of record on 24 May 2019

• The Company is pursuing arrangements to pay the interim dividend in euros to holders of shares on Euronext Amsterdam, the Spanish Stock Exchanges and London Stock Exchange

• Other publicly held shares will be converted into an equivalent US dollar amount using exchange rates issued by WM/Reuters taken at 16:00 BST on 30 April 2019. This translated amount will be posted on our website here:http://ir.ccep.com/shareholder-information/dividends-and-splits


• First-half 2019 results: 8th August 2019

• Full 2019 calendar available here: http://ir.ccep.com/financial-calendar


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