BETER BED (AMS:BBED) Beter Bed Holding: Beter Bed Benelux and Sängjätten (Sweden) enter into alliance with Tempur

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15/03/2019 12:30

Beter Bed Holding announced at the Capital Markets Day on 26 October 2018 that it would introduce initiatives for the further development of a rock-solid value-for-money proposition, in which innovation and new product/market combinations will play a key role.

The strategic alliance between Tempur and Beter Bed was launched in early March. Tempur is a division of Tempur Sealy, the world’s leading international supplier of high-quality bed products.

Tempur’s innovative products and brand positioning constitute a valuable addition to the existing brand/product portfolio of the Beter Bed formats, which will make it possible for Beter Bed to reach a new target group. This completion of the range will enable Beter Bed to recommend the right product to every customer.

The unique distinctiveness of TEMPUR® lies in the use of materials developed by NASA. This unique material distributes the pressure and weight evenly, making the customer feel completely weightless. The material adapts perfectly to the body, reduces pressure and absorbs movement. As a result, customers toss and turn less during the night. Each mattress undergoes an intensive testing period lasting many hours. Customers can consequently rest assured that each TEMPUR® mattress will give them a great night’s sleep for many years.

The alliance entails placing a number of models and a complete Tempur store presentation in the 83 stores of Beter Bed Netherlands, 17 stores in Belgium and 27 stores in Sweden. Both brands will inform customers through their communications that Tempur is now also available in all Beter Bed stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. All stores in these countries are expected to have these products on display by around Easter of this year.

Beter Bed Holding is a European retail organisation that offers its customers the best quality rest at affordable prices. The organisation will do this through its international retail brands Matratzen Concord, Beter Bed, Beddenreus, Sängjätten and own wholesaler operation DBC International. All brands provide the best advice to their customers on all relevant channels including online. In 2018, the company achieved  € 396.3 million sales with a total of 1,009 stores and an increasingly relevant share of online sales.

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